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Nacho Elevators Establishment

Nacho Elevators Establishment was established in 1962 as a sole proprietorship, after a deep and long experience in the field of elevators and escalators, then it turned into a company in 2018.


Stages of enterprise development and transformation into a company

Opening of the main branch in Tripoli, one of the first companies in the city.

Training a team of technicians specialized in elevator maintenance begins.

Expanding the labor market to include the installation of elevators.

The establishment of a factory for the manufacture of spare parts begins.

Importing and installing European elevators and escalators of international brands.

Opening a branch in Lattakia / Syria and supplying and installing
elevators in the Sports City project.

Expanding the factory to include the manufacture of doors, cabinets
and other parts.

Elevators and stairs were upgraded and a micro-processor system was

Exporting elevators outside Lebanon: Nigeria, Venezuela, Syria…

Working on developing an electronic control panel for Nacho

Nacho elevators are fully operated by electronic systems, from Inverter
and others.

Establishing of a twin company concerned with contracting works.

Compliance with European public safety requirements under the
symbol EN81.

Nacho elevator systems are manufactured only for the benefit of the
organization with 17 inch screens.

Elevators installation: with gear, hydraulic, and gearless elevators.

Nacho Establishment transformed into the corporation.

Establishing a branch of Nacho Corporation in Lagos.

Our Works

Hydraulic hoists and lifts

They are characterized by their ability to lift large loads with minimum effort (Power), due to the difference in diameter of each of the cylinders connected to the hydraulic lifting mechanisms. One of the well-known hydraulic lift models is used in car washes.

Roomless Elevators

They are elevators that contain a machine room. Their uses vary, as they do not require large spaces in the buildings, and because they are silent. They can be used in hospitals, cultural and scientific centers, airports and other transportation stations, as well as shops and entertainment venues.

Escalators and moving walkways

They are used in large buildings and centers, which facilitates the roaming of dense groups of people, in train stations, airports, major commercial centers and places of entertainment. It is equipped with the latest means of protection and security.

Elevators with room

The elevator room is located on the roof of the building and is connected to the elevator well. The elevator machine is placed in it with its latest electrical and electronic devices.

Panoramic elevators

Their role is not only limited to transporting people between floors, but they are also distinguished by their aesthetic dimension in terms of their shapes, colors and lighting methods.

Food elevators

They meet the needs of restaurants, hotels and all forms of hospitality. It is supported by electronic devices, especially sensors, to perform its tasks in transporting food with high accuracy and efficiency.

Car lifts

Used to lift cars in maintenance and repair centers. The are also suitable for providing parking spaces at different heights according to floors, including the basement. They are frequently used in cities and crowded places.


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    1st branch: Zehriyeh, Latifa str., Saif Eddine Zod Bldg.
    2nd branch: Al Kobbeh, Zgharta Road, Matar Bldg.
    3rd branch (the factory): Mejdlaya, Main Road, Al Bayader Str., Chamoun Bldg.

    Phone Numbers:
    +961 6 627661
    +961 6 667095
    +961 6 667096
    +961 3 169409
    +961 3 672851
    +961 70 959426

    Nigeria / Lagos: 1004 Estate Block B10 Flat 110, Victoria Island
    +234 9 137000100
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    +234 9 135471133